Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Form 1 - Form 3 exam starts~

Hmm.. Today, Form 1 to Form 3 starts with their exams. Haha.. I get to see Jia Hui and CW =P
LOL~ During recess, I saw Jia Hui and we went to canteen together. And, there he was - CW. He was sitting with his friends. Man! I was shy =.=" So, I didn't go and talk to him =.=" Hmmph!

Oh yeahhhhh! I got 41/50 for the essay that I wrote about Raphael. What the! Everyone wants to read it =.="

When I arrived home, Jia Hui told me that CW was in a bad mood today. *whew* Luckily I didn't go and talk to him.. xD

That's all. I think.


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