Friday, May 6, 2011


Haha. Okay. Let's start~
Today, in the morning, nothing quite special happened ~.~
But, in the afternoon, aha, this I like xD
I stayed back for badminton with Sharon and Felicia.
We, Form 4's, the art stream, finished at 11.05am.
The three of us were bored in school. So, we went to Hot Cross Bun and G-mart.
As we were on our way back, I saw CW was sitting at the bus stop. He saw me and I waved at him xD
As we arrived into the school compound, we sat at the last bench on the right of the school hall.
Then, Sharon and Felicia wanted to go to the toilet. Whatever! hahaha. So, I'm all alone until CW came and said, "so late?" in Chinese. After that, they both came back and we moved to another station. We sat at the first bench on the left side of the school hall. *detail-ing much* =P

To be continue tomorrow xD

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