Wednesday, August 10, 2011

National Day's assembly?

I came early to school today.
Because I haven't finish my homework.
So, I did it in class.
I know that the assembly will start at 7.45AM.
I looked at Azman's list yesterday.
And, it was supposed to end at 8.40AM, if I didn't see wrong.
There I was - in class, doing my homework.
All of the sudden,
Miss Charis came in and took our attendance.
After that, Cikgu Saufiah came.
Sure she came, because BM was the first lesson for today.
She wrote notes on how to answer the questions during test.
She asked us to copy.
But, only a few of us copied it, and not me - of course.
I only copy things according to my mood =P
If I'm lazy, I won't be copying =P
Last week, I heard that Miss Soo said that the assembly will take 3 periods.

Raphael was the MC :)
He wore a red "batik" shirt :)
Emily was the MC too D:
Eanaa and Theresa stood in 4E9's line.
Usually I am the last one in the line.
As for today, Theresa stood behind me since she's taller xD
Eanaa pula in front of me.
At first, I was really "bersemangat" while singing the National song - "Negaraku."
After "Negaraku" was our school song.
While singing, Madam Maria suddenly asked us to stop and scold us D:
I don't even know why -.-"
I wasn't in the mood after that D:
I hummed while people were singing the school song.
Because I don't feel like singing anymore ~.~

Sing, sing, sing..
Speech, speech, speech..
It was funny when Theresa and Eanaa talked to me at the same time.
Like yesterday - Cecilia and Eanaa xD
Then, it was time for the KK prefects to go on stage and do their pledge.
Deborah Lim is the KK head prefct :D
I was clapping and shouting, "Whooh." xD

End of assembly - 9.40AM,
No spotcheck :D
Then, recess.
Haha. I brought biscuits to school for the first time xD
I am trying to save money =P

I have extra class today.
But, Felicia and I had to leave early to go for the ICT meeting.
So, we asked permission from Miss Charis to let us out early.
And, she approved it :D

In the ICT room,
Only Wan, Azalea, Felicia, Mazwan, Affiq, Francisco, Rusdi and I came.
It was "Pemilihan AJK."
Rusdi is the club President and Ariff Adlan is the Vice President.
But, Ariff always didn't come for the ICT meeting -.-"
I mean for this year.
Rusdi wanted me to be the President.
But, the teacher said I can't since Ariff is the Vice President D:
So, for now,
  • President - Ariff Adlan
  • Vice President - Mazwan
  • Treasurer - Felicia *Teacher chosed me, but Felicia and I exhanged*
  • Secretary - Karen Tan (Me)
  • AJK - Franciso and Affiq
The teacher said that I have to start my duty on the next meeting -.-"
So fast D:
And, Felicia will start next year.
Felt regret exchanging with her T_T

Quote of the day : Relationships that happen fast, end fast.


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