Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Okay okay la xD

*Skips to recess*
During recess,
Raphael and Kelvin Leong walked around my school block.. AGAIN!
Man! Raphael is always doing that -.-"
He gives me high hopes >.<

*End of school*
Cecilia and Eanaa were waiting for me after school?
Quite surprising O.o
They were asking me if I am going to open the ICT room.
Of course..duhh! xD

Off I go to the staff room to get the ICT room's key.
I was waiting for Cikgu Dayang to get the money inside the log book.
All of the sudden, Raphael came in.
I was so happy, but I didn't smile xD
Just my serious and rushing look.
Raphael walked here and there.
Then, he dissapeared.
I looked left and right.
But, there's no sign of him.
I was wondering where he was.
Without knowing,
I looked behind me,
And there he was :D
Oh gosh!
He stood behind me.
Patutlah tak nampak.
Apa la >.<

Cecilia and Eanaa followed me to the ICT room.
And, it was full immediately =.="
Cecilia sat on my right and Eanaa on the left.
They kept talking to me at the same time.
Lol! I don't know which one to listen to xD
Oh and,
Eanna gave me 2 comics.
I asked for it xD
Thanks Eanaa :)

Eanaa also told me about her dream.
Seriously, it was weird.
She was a gangster there O.o

Cecilia followed both of us on blogger.
Aww.. Thanks Cecilia.
Really appreciate it.
I really need followers xD

This is funny.
Felicia and I stole W.D.E's phone number from Rusdi's phone.
Because Rusdi left it with me - he always does -.-"
Bukannya berat pun =P
We want to do something with it xD

 My idol confirmed me on FB :D
I've been waiting for 3 months :')

Quote of the day : No one gets tired of loving, but everyone gets tired of waiting, assuming, hearing lies and hurting.


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