Friday, August 5, 2011

*Sobs* D:

This morning,
Before I enter the school gate,
Elroy asked for my hair pin.
I asked him why.
But, he didn't answer me as Mr. Effendi was there.
I told him that I didn't bring my hair pin, only my hair clip.

Before class starts this morning,
Nyet Yin asked Daim to go and get his purple necktie from Mr. Yuan - PRS necktie :)
He took it and wore it before entering the class xD
He is the only PRS prefect in class.

*School ended*
Walk, walk, walk home.
Eanaa was in front of me.
She walks fast man!
And and and, she didn't even look back D:

Eanaa told me that Raphael like someone else.
She heard it from Desmond when they talk.
And all of the sudden, Raphael's name came out.
But, I still won't give up.
Wanna know more?
Click Eanaa's blog link

Super Junior - Superman
This song is trending all over the world right now :)

Quote of the day : When you're in love, you wake up a little happier in the morning.


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