Monday, August 8, 2011

Quite an interesting day xD

Before class starts this morning,
Miss Charis asked Franke to order us to clean up the class as it was dirty.
Eg. Sweep the floor, arrange the tables, etc.
I don't know why, but Suhana said that Choo Jing Yi was our class prefect =.="
But but but, Jing Yi and Franke are both my class's prefect =.="
Majority of girls in my class loves to see and disturb Jing Yi.
They said that he is handsome and looks like a Korean.
Yea, sure he looks like a Korean.
So? xD
Few minutes after that,
Jing Yi came.
Miss Charis asked him to order us to do our duties.
He told Miss Charis that he is our "Pengawas kawasan" and Franke is the "Pengawas kelas."
Lol xD
So, Franke said
And, I did :)
Even though I'm not on duty that day.
Budak baik ba xD

This morning,
During Science lesson,
Around 8.35am,
I saw Raphael walking up Block B's staircase with Kelvin Wong, if I am not mistaken.
I saw him and said, "Raphael! Is that Raphael?" loudly.
Asyraf, Azman and Syarfaizzul heard me and disturbed me after that.
They kept saying, "Wah! Raphael", "Raphael bah" and "Yerr, Karen." xD

After Science,
Was Civic lesson.
We had topical test for Civic today.
Guess what!?!
I saw the assistant head prefect - girl was copying.
Lol xD
Seriously unbelievable O.o
When she caught me looking at her,
She just smiled at me and I smiled back :D

*Recess time*
I heard that Theresa had some problem.
I heard it from Sharon.
So, I immediately ran to 4E4 with Sharon.
As I arrived there,
I saw Raphael.
But, too bad it only lasted for a few seconds.
Because the first bell rang,
Prefects have to go for duty D:
Eanaa, Sharon, Pui Ing and I listened to Theresa's story on what had happened.
But, I am not going to tell you =P

When recess ended,
Sharon and I went down using 4E2's staircase.
I said,
"Sharon! Sharon! Can see this? The letter R on the wall."
She said, "Can!"
I told her that I was the one who sprayed the letter R on the wall.
I used white paint.
I did that when I was on duty as a 3K junior this year.
I was all alone and bored.
So, I sprayed the letter R using white paint.
I wanted it to be a memory xD
Whoever wants to see it shall get an approve from me first xD
Hahaha, just kidding.
But, if you can't see it.
Will be glad to show you >.<

One more thing,
During Morale lesson,
We were formed into a group of 3 by the teacher.
My group members were Grace and Elizabeth.
Okay! Here's the thing,
Grace told me something related to Raphael.
She said that during the prize giving ceremony last week,
Raphael said her fingers were fat and pinched her finger.
She told me that she shouted,
"RAPHAEL TANG LI ERN!" to Raphael as she was mad xD
Wow! That was really quite unexpected xD
Raphael is really straight forward to everyone, but not to me D:

Oh oh and,
Elizabeth told me that Timothy Wee is a new member of the 3K prefectorial board =.="

Well, I took care of the ICT room today.
No Felicia D:
She said that she will be staying back tomorrow.
Jason Chang messaged me on Facebook saying that he wanted to pass me his pendrive yesterday.
P/S: He sent me the message yesterday, but I saw it today -.-"
Wanna know why he wanted to borrow me his pendrive?
It is because he has Death Note movies and animes in it :D
He knows that I love Death Note xD
By the way, he's an ex-columban from the year 2005?

While I was in the ICT room,
Jessven came in.
Surprised me much xD
We were both, "Ei?"
After 20 minutes - less or more,
Jessven went home, I think.
He chat with me on Facebook when he arrived home?
He asked me if I could let him play for free tomorrow.
He said that he would help me with Raphael in return xD
I told him, let me think about it first.
And finally, I replied,
"Okay. But, don't get caught by the teacher."

What a long post.
Seriously! -.-

 Wow! The fan page I made for Zee.

 Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song

Quote of the day : Be countable for your actions.


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