Thursday, August 18, 2011

G-Dragon, Happy Birthday !

Happy Birthday to Kwon Ji Yong a.k.a G-Dragon !

I have collected images related to G-Dragon's birthday :)

Sean tweets G-Dragon :)

Flo Rida wishes G-Dragon a Happy Birthday ^^

 5 bikes were given to Big Bang as gifts in conjunction of G-Dragon's birthday.

 This is G-Dragon's bike :)

Nikon A Shot A Day With YG Family Facebook update!
 Dae Sung's not here.
He is currently resting after the accident.

G-Dragon’s sister, Dami, wishes him a happy birthday!

 G-Dragon's sister also shared G-Dragon's baby pictures on her Twitter.
Aww.. He's adorable, especially when he sticks he tongue out :)

Tae Yang's manager tweets a photo with G-Dragon.
They look like twins. Lol ~ 

G-Dragon celebrates his birthday at Se7en’s restaurant with YG Family!   

 My Twitter posts. The top one was specially for him.
The remaining are G-Dragon's lyrics from Big Bang's songs >.<

Twitter's trends for today ^^

Facebook's event.
Celebrating G-Dragon's birthday ^^

 I've posted posts related to G-Dragon's birthday :)

All 5 member's hand prints :)
G-Dragon's hand print is at the bottom ^^

 Happy 23rd Birthday to our Big Bang leader, G-Dragon !

With love, 
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