Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Official 3K prefects..

This morning,
We were having assembly.
Speech, speech, speech.
Then, it was time for the 3K prefects nomination.
It was so damn funny.
Because, after the 3K juniors receive their certificate,
They walked away.
They were supposed to stand at the side and come back up, I think.
Too bad they walked away when Jane said they were going to do the 3K pledge.
Everyone laughed xD
Thanks to 3K, I don't feel sleepy anymore xD
After that, they went back up and read out their pledge.
It was the same as the school prefects pledge =.="
Azman told me =P
Kantoi >.<

Before assembly ended,
Madam Tan Lee Chien told us about the "Bulan Kemerdekaan" video thingy.
Make our own video related to the National Day.
Winners get to bring a home
  • 4 - iPads
  • 4 - iPhone 4
  • RM 5000
KK prefects got their necktie too.
But, not on stage =P
Nice ~

 Lenka - Heart skips a beat

Quote of the day : God's timing is always right—wait patiently for Him.


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