Monday, August 22, 2011

Sure fail for Maths -.-"

* sneeze sneeze*
Kept sneezing today.
I have a runny nose -.-"

Before today's exam started - Mathematics,
Zara said that she saw me in front of RHB Bank yesterday.
Then, off we start with the exam, starting with Mathematics paper 2.
Paper 2 was a bit easy.
A BIT = 10% easy.
The highest I can score for paper 2 is 10? :P

Next was Mathematics paper 1.
Paper 1 was a killer.
I can ONLY answer 3 out of 40 questions -.-"

As for PSV,
It was fine.
Nothing to worry about.

Well, no exam for the Art stream tomorrow.
As for Science stream, they have to go for their Additional Mathematics paper 2, if I am not mistaken.

Hahaha. I saw Raphael went home at 12.25PM, same time as me :D

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