Thursday, August 11, 2011

1 Guru, 1 Pokok

This morning,
On my way to class,
Cecilia called me and waved at me, I think.
She was with Raphael's brother, Rene - I think xD

We all went for assembly at 8.30AM.
AGAIN? -.-"
1 Guru, 1 Pokok
I don't understand.
All the teachers were wearing green.
Eanaa also asked me,
"Who is Philip Chen?"
I told her that he is my friend.
A pass form fiver - an ex columban.

Bla.. Bla.. Bla..
Then, it was time for teachers to get their plants xD
Cikgu SS got the most "Boooo!" sound xD
And, Cikgu Ong Sze Chong has the loudest cheer.
I didn't cheer for any teacher just now.
But, when they called up Mr. Kong's name,
I immediately shout and clap -.-"
Lol! I was alert when I heard Mr. Kong's name.
Because Mr. Kong is my favourite teacher since I was in Form 1 >.<

During English lesson,
I wanted to go to 4E3.
Because I need to pass up the Chinese Club Mooncake Festival's list to Eileen.
Miss Charis wasn't in.
She had to go to Riam to get her A level xD
But then, I saw Eileen at the Science lab above.
I took the list and ran up Block B's stairs.
My heart was beating really fast at that time.
I was afraid that I would saw Raphael there.
Nyet Yin replaced Eileen and get the list from me.
Then, I look behind Nyet Yin, I saw Raphael on his way.
I was "OMG!"
But, I just acted normal and walked away xD

And and and,
It's Rusdi's birthday :D

Haha.. I wrote this on his wall for his birthday xD

 2PM - Hands Up
I'm addicted to this song xD

Quote of the day : If it doesn't hurt, it's not love.


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