Tuesday, August 16, 2011

English essay !

Exam started last Saturday -.-"
Exam will be on going for 2 weeks.

Today's exam is English.
My favourite xD

Paper 2 was okayyy!
2 hours and 30 minutes wasn't quite enough for me as I had a stomachache -.-"
I cannot write as my stomach was so much in pain T_T
But, at least I managed to finish it 15 minutes before times up. *whew*

As for Paper 1, I'm speechless -.-"
*Section A was a waste of time.
I kept writing the wrong sentences and it end up messy - because I cancelled it a lot.
I used up 4 papers for Section A -.-"
Should I say, "Wow?"
217 words.

*Section B was making me rush.
I had to choose 1 out of 5 topic.
It took a lot of time for me to choose -.-"
Finally, I chose Question 3.
The topic was, "My most unforgettable character."
I had choose it because I know who was my most unforgettable character.
It was "L" from Death Note.
Yea, I wrote about L.
I even wrote down the plot.
I was writing all 3 movies together xD
416 words.

I bet some of you thought that I wrote about "Love."
Yea, I wanted to write about that.
But, I don't know the definition.
I wanted to write all about Raphael - again in my essay.
I don't think I can write lots -.-"
My mind was blurr..

Hmm.. Yesterday I saw prefects started to wear black skirts and pants.
They looked AWESOME!
I was looking forward to look at Raphael wearing black pants.
But, I didn't get the chance.

I thought I get to see HIM today during recess.
Sadly, NO! D:
When school ended,
Sharon and I was walking towards the front gate.
And and and, that's when I saw Raphael :D
Finally, I saw HIM.
Aww.. Man! HE was so H.A.N.D.S.O.M.E!!!
Should have took his picture xD

Canteen didn't open today.
Heard someone's dead.
#3words God bless you :)

That's all.
I don't know why, but I think this post is rarely different from the other ones.

Quote of the day : When you're in love, waiting for someone is not a big deal.


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