Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A day that made me smile ♥

This morning,
When I came to school,
Claudia saw me and we walked into the school compound together.
We talked about K being emo after I quit? O.o
Then, we both laughed xD

During Sejarah - 10.40am,
Raphael and Teofilus came to my class.
Raphael came in and wrote a notice on the blackboard.
It's for CHRISTIANS only :)
A talk about Mr. Ignigo Yong's missionary in Kenya, Africa for one and a half year :)

After school,
I went to the staff room.
I took the log book and ICT key from the teacher in charge.
Mazwan is always with me - If I take care of the ICT room.
Because he wanted to be the first to get into the ICT room and sit on his "forever" seat.
Then, came the others =P
Cecilia and her friend, Eva came at 2.30pm :D
And they need to leave at 3.
Before leaving, Cecilia said,
"Karen! Update your blog."
I told her,
"Tomorrow la." xD

CCW missed call me at 2.30pm.
I was in the ICT room at that time =.="

To : Asyraf, Syarfaizzul, Daim, Darren, Azman, Hafiz and Harryzon.
Thanks for brightening up my day.
You all really made me laugh non-stop.
Iboh ulang apa nya cakap xD

Daim, Daim..
He asked me,
"Kamu masih dengan Raphael ka?"
I replied,
"Tak la."
Then he said,
"Kenapa dalam blog kamu selalu pasal dia la?"
I just smiled :)

Oh and, I've got a new PSV teacher.
Her name is Cikgu Masyri :)

Miss Esther Tong..
I love your style so much.
I don't even know why.
I just love it :D
Seriously !

I haven't register my blog for the competition D:
I don't know what to write D:
Miss Charis !! HELP MEEE !!

Big Bang's Lee TaeYang - Where You At + Wedding dress
SMK Saint Columba's School Concert 2011
Performed by..
Tae Yang - Lewis Ng
Dancer - Yong Chang Lung
Dancer - Heng Der Zhan
Dancer - Arick Chiu
Dancer - Albert Lau
G-Dragon - Heartbreaker
Love this song ~ ^^

Quote of the day : When a girl cries for a boy, it simply means she misses him. When a boy cries for a girl, he loves her more than anyone ever could ♥


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