Sunday, July 3, 2011

News spread fast ~

Went to church this morning.
After that, everyone will be having lunch in the church.
We lined up around the table to get foods - yummy !
I overtaked Roystance xD
Then, Roystance whispered to me.
He said,
"Karen, you already give Raphael his birthday present ka?"
I replied,
"Eh? How did you know about this?"
He answered,
"Cecilia Berador."

After lunch,
My family went to buy newspaper.
I asked my mum to look for yesterday's news.
The one about "Larian Serentak."
I found it.
But, there wasn't any picture of SMK Saint Columba's school D:

After that, we went to a saloon in Pelita Tunku - Casco Saloon :)
My mum and brother wanted to cut their hair.
No longer after that, Roystance, his mother and his 5 year old cousin came xD
What a coincidence >.<
Roystance's cousin was the one going for a haircut.
His mother and cousin were waiting inside the saloon while Roystance went on emo-ing outside.
Roystance's mother said that he is always like that and jealous too, because of his cousin.
I understand how he feels..
Suddenly, he moved and sat behind me.
I mean opposite side, but our behinds faced each other.
There was a big glass window between us.
So, I can see Roystance sitting behind me :)
All of the sudden, his 5 year old cousin tapped on the glass window.
Roystance showed his fist from outside the window and came in, wanted to punch his little cousin.
I can see that he was really really angry D:

OMG! This was the first time seeing Roystance like that D:

Then, my family went to another saloon.
To cut my hair..haha.
June Saloon :)

After a haircut :)
Taken at June Saloon xD

Bruno Mars - Marry You


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