Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mooncake selling :D

To start off,
I got 2 new followers on blogger.
Thanks ◕‿◕

This morning, around 7,
Nyet Yin came to my class and asked me to come out for a while.
All of the sudden, she passed me the "Chinese Club Mooncake Festival" sales list.
She asked me to help her sell.
Because no one in the art stream are selling.
Then, off she go.

Few minutes after that,
She came again, but not alone.
She was with Eileen, Sharon C, and Othman.
Eileen told me,
"Karen! You know the limited cupcake? Is Raphael's mother make one.."
I replied,
"That one also want to tell me meh?"
Eileen said,
"Just to let you know ma.."
I can see that they were smiling xD
I sold the mooncake and got RM13 for the first day xD

During recess,
I saw Raphael in front of Block B.
He was walking with Kelvin Leong.
We looked at each other for a long time when we passed by each other.
We both didn't even smile =.="

This afternoon,
I took care of the ICT room with Felicia.
It was full..
Cecilia came with Eva too.

And and and,
A Form 2 student,
Philadelphia.. <-- I don't know how to spell her name =.="
She thought that I was Iban =.="
Just because I can speak Sarawakian.

Se7en - Better Together

Quote of the day : God doesn’t move in your life when you struggle; He moves when you pray.


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