Friday, July 15, 2011

English Education

Well, school education is important.
It determines your future.
Majority of students doesn't like to study.

The reason is that..
They have no interest in the subject or they doesn't like the teacher / the teacher is boring.
Most likely, I see students sleep during class lessons, just like me xD

To start off,
I am going to tell you about my favourite subject.
My favourite subject is ENGLISH!
I love English since I was in kindergarten.
Want to know why?
I, myself doesn't even know.
Seriously ! >.<

Adults used to said that English was important.
But, that was before.
Now, I heard that Chinese is important.

The easiest way to learn English is through television.
Yeahh, you heard me.. TV!
I learned English through television since I was little until now.

Another good way to learn English is to read.
Reading is as fun as watching television.
At home, I have lots of English books.
I always have a dictionary prepared in case I don't understand the meaning of a word.

If any of you had English problems,
You should ask for your English teacher's help.

You should be able to get an

All The Words In The English Language 

 Santa Claus is coming to town
Kids loves to listen to this :)
They can learn and improve their English by listening to simple songs.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 
Most common simple song for children :) 


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