Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fights =.="

This morning,
When I arrived school,
I was ordered to "bertugas kawasan" by the school prefect, Choo Jing Yi.
I immediately went out of class and followed Jing Yi to the school back gate.
While I was on my way to the back gate,
I thought I heard someone calling me from upstairs.
So, I looked up.
Guess who did I saw.
I saw Raphael, looking down O.o
But, I just pretend that I didn't saw him xD
Went to the bus stop and picked up rubbish there.
What a dump! =P
Charis Lorin was there, sitting at the bus stop, waiting for my brother.
He saw me and asked,
"Where's Ryan?"
I told him that he was home, sleeping.

During PSV,
Boniface and Erna had a fight.
At first they quarrel,
Then it suddenly get serious.
What happened?
They poured water among themselves using their own water and people's water. *crazy!*
After that, Boniface go and pour water on Masturina.
While Boniface poured water on Masturina,
Some of the water were splashed on Shahrizal.
Shahrizal got mad and hit Boniface with all his might.
Our PSV teacher break them up.
Actually it was Erna and Masturina's fault.
Wanna know why I said that?
Because both of them always start a fight with Boniface.
They talk trash and insult him.
Whatever Boniface does, both of them sure insults him.
In this case, I am on Boniface's side.
I am not going to help Masturina about Albert anymore =P

During recess,
I went to the toilet with Sharon and Eanaa.
I looked up at Block C and saw Cecilia.
I told Eanaa.
And, we both just look at her laughing.
Then, finally she saw us xD
After that, we went to the school hall.
Beside the conference room,
I saw Harryzon, Grace, Perpetua and Fidora praying before the "Forum" starts.
On my way back to class,
Raphael passed by me xD
Sharon said,
"Hi, Raphael."
Raphael replied,

After recess was Science.
Here's the thing,
Asyraf was mad because someone threw his bag.
So, he and his gang went to Block E.
I was looking from Block B at that time.
Everyone knows that he was serious.
My friend told me that Visvanathan was the cause.
I heard Asyraf said that Mr. Kong and Mr. Chua saw him.

As I arrived home today,
My mom told me that Ryan and Lorin meet up in school.
They wanted to go to the school hall for the BCC exhibition.
But, Mr. Wong Kung Kui brought them to the staff room and talked to them for 2 hours.

They told one story that really happened to Mr.Wong..
3 months ago, Lorin off his phone.
But, all of the sudden his phone vibrates.
He looked at the number and saw the number 666.
So, Mr. Wong prayed for them.

Quote of the day : Fight for your dream, and your dream will fight for you.


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