Friday, July 22, 2011

Quite a stressful day @.@

This morning,
I arrived school 1 minute earlier.
Yesss! Finally..
Usually I arrive school when the school bell rang.

The mooncake selling is going well.
I sold and got RM45 in 3 days.
I think it was quite fast :)

On my way to canteen,
I saw Raphael.
He was with Kelvin Leong.. Again!
That time he was standing beside the library's back door.
On my way back from canteen,
Raphael was standing near Block B in front of the teachers' car.
He was talking with someone - I forgot who was it >.<
I didn't realize he was there until I looked up.
Eanaa, why didn't you come during recess?? O.o

After recess,
All of us got scold by Cikgu Saufiah.
When she scolded us, I can see that she was going to cry.
She was scolding us in a sad tone D:
Because other teachers mocked her.
It was all because of my classmates who was chosen to join the "Pantun" competition didn't attend the practice.
The teachers were all saying that,
"Can 4E9 win?"

P/S : I feel so stress today @.@
Because of my classmates especially Asyraf.
Keep scolding them.
I feel like moving to the other class.

Another P/S : I am updating my blog because Eanaa told me that Cecilia wants me to update. *LOL*

Big Bang - Haru Haru

Quote of the day : We must love God for himself alone, not just for what he gives us.  


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