Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hari Pelanggan 2

Hari Pelanggan today.
Felt a bit nervous.
I arrived school at 11.30am.
Late ~

My mom was already waiting for me at school.
She was with Grace's mom :)
After I have arrived,
We went to the school hall for the Hari Pelanggan.
Azman was before me.

When it was my turn,
I was afraid about the bad comments.
But, I have NONE.
All the comments were good ones.
Felt so proud..haha.
Miss Charis that she liked me the most xD
Because I always hand in my works on time.
She even asked me to compete with her sister, Joy.
As if I can xD
Hmm.. Failed a few subjects.
But, I'll try harder.

I got 23 merit marks
5 dimerit mark - for coming late =.="

I saw Raphael's brother, Rene when I was on my way home.
But, Raphael was not with him..
Sad D:

P/S : I need more blog followers!! *desperate*

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Quote of the day : Have faith in god, because there are still some questions which cannot be answered by GOOGLE.


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