Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Funny xD

This morning,
We had an assembly for about an hour plus.
It was "Minggu Bahasa."
Here's the thing,
Raphael was the MC.
The assembly was going so well until...
Raphael messed up.
We were about to watch a slideshow right behind him.
He said,
"Sekarang, kita akan "tengok" slideshow."
Everyone was making a fuss and laugh about the word "tengok."
His BM was well until he said ''tengok."
Not really a suitable word though.
My friends said,
"Karen! Kamu kah yang ajar Raphael? Hahahaha."
I answered,
"Ya, memang saya. Hahahaha." *non-stop laughing*
Before assembly ends,
Raphael announced all the class's cleanliness.
Man! My class got less than 60 mark.
Sooo, 5 demerits D:

After assembly was over,
Claudia saw me and told me that my class is very funny.
*I think because they disturbed Claudia yesterday during her class cleanliness inspection.*
After that,
I went back to class to put my book on the table.
Then, straight away to the toilet with Elizabeth.
There, I saw Theresa.
I said (jokingly),
"Theresa! I hate you for Raphael. *smiling*"
She replied,
"Eh! You should hate Cecilia more. Because she and Raphael keep poking each others cheek."
I said,
"What??! Die la her."
*We both laughed* xD

*In class*
First lesson started.
I heard Syarfaizzul, Daim, Darren and Asyraf talking.
They were talking about Raphael saying the word "tengok."
Syarfaizzul said loudly,
"Gereknya madah tengok slideshow. Hahaha. *pointing to me*"  =.="

During Geography,
Around 11.40am,
Mr. Wong Kung Kui passed by my class.
He was on patrol, as always.
After that,
Asyraf said,
"Cikgu Wong, happy birthday!"
Then we all sang the "Happy Birthday" song.
Mr. Wong was so embarrassed that he said, "shhhhs" and he walked away as quick as possible xD

 Pretty ~~ I want to be just like her xD

 Big Bang - Lies

Quote of the day : It takes a day to get addicted of something, but it takes you years to get rid of it.


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