Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Was happy, then was really really pissed off D:

Hmm.. (About yesterday)
Yesterday Miss Charis looked like she's not in the mood.
SMK St. Joseph came to my school for a talk about "Anti Ponteng."
In the afternoon,
I took care of the ICT room.
Man! Was seriously pissed off.
ICT room was full and most of them didn't pay.
Because it was full,
I didn't get the chance to do anything D:
A girl from Form 1 was using my computer..
Dang it!
And and and,
3 Form 5 students (boys) were afraid of me. NGAHAHAHAHA!!
One more thing,
Peralihan students know me.
They know my name.
How can that be?
It's weird how that I can be so popular in the afternoon session.
Everyone knows me.
But, I didn't know that Peralihan students know me too =.="

During recess,
I stayed in class for 2 minutes because I was tired.
That time I was looking outside from my seat through the front door.
Suddenly, Raphael appeared there. *shocked*
He walked around Block A.
From the right of my class to the left. *outside*
I looked both sides xD
Saw him 2 times ^^
I immediately went out of class and off to canteen after that.
I came back from canteen with Eanaa and went to 4E8 to eat.
As we both went into 4E8's class,
Raphael was outside, near the school pond.
When I saw him,
I looked down xD
Eanaa told me that he looked inside, saw me and looked away. *LOL*
While I was eating,
Raphael was walking around Block A =.="
3 times !
I saw him 6 times because he walks around =.="
As long as I can see him..hahahaha! =P
I went to the toilet as the first bell rang (as always),
On my way back to class,
Valdo blocked me and said,

After recess was Sejarah,
Teacher asked us to form a group of 3.
So, I was with Franceline and Elizabeth :)
And all of the sudden,
Joshua came with Angelyn and Shereen.
He was checking the class's cleanliness.
After Sejarah, was PSV.
During PSV, Syarfaizzul wore a "sarung."
Because our teacher told him to wear it.
He said to the teacher,
"Cikgu, malu lah!"
Azman replied,
"Hahahaha! Gengster pakai sarung. Hahaha."
Syarfaizzul even became a stripper when the teacher wasn't looking. *LOL*
He was so SEXY! xD

Half an hour before school ends,
Claudia came.
For the class's cleanliness =.="
Everyone kept disturbing her xD

In the afternoon,
I took care of the ICT room with Felicia.
The ICT room was full.
AND, most of them didn't pay.. AGAIN!
Was really angry..
My friends tried to calm me down.
But, they couldn't.
So, I went downstairs and called for a teacher.
The teacher came and shout at them.
They immediately pay. Hahahaha.
Except for 2 Form 5, Malay guys.
One of them was W.D.E!
I don't want to mention his name!!
I helped Cindy and Randy to get ICT seats.
Cindy thanked me. *LOL*


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