Friday, July 1, 2011

Raphael's birthday gift :D

Last night, I slept at 12.30am.
Just to ready Raphael's birthday gift.
I did as much as I could to make it special.
But, I'm not creative enough D:
I just hope that he likes it :)

First of all..
This morning, around 8am,
I saw lots of boy prefects ran to the back of Block A, Raphael was one of them too :)
They were clearing the place? O.o

Then, spot check was on.
No wonder last night I get the feeling that spot check will be going on.
And, I was right.
Adzul was the one who look through my bag.
Man! I was afraid that he would "rampas" Raphael's birthday gift.
But, he didn't.

During recess,
I was on the way back from the canteen to class.
That's when I saw Cecilia.
She pulled me to Raphael and up we go to his block.
Raphael was there eating with his friends at the corridor.
Then, he went down.
Cecilia and I followed him.
When we were both almost down,
Raphael stood in front of the stairs.
I hid myself >.<
But then, Cecilia pushed me down.
She asked me to give the gift to Raphael.
I was scared and my heart beats so FAST !
I told Cecilia,
"Help me to give him."
Then, she replied,
After that, I ran back to class with my face smiling :)

When I was eating in class with Adilla and Elizabeth,
I saw Raphael outside my class.
What the! Scared me much =P

After recess, I went to toilet with Sharon, Eanaa and Felicia.
On our way, I saw Raphael..again.
So, I hid behind Sharon.
After Raphael passed by us,
I heard Raphael called me.
He said,
"Eh! Karen.. Thanks!" *smiling*
I just nod my head and smile :)
I immediately ran to the front, laugh and smiled :D
I think people thought that I was crazy.
Well I am, about HIM >.<

When school ended,
I was in front of the staff room.
After talking to Cikgu Dayang,
I saw Cecilia.
She told me that she asked Raphael what did he think about it.
At first, he was being all sarcastic.
Then she was like, "Seriously man."
Finally, he said "Well uhh, its special you know so yeah. I guess."
And, Jessven said "Hi" to me for the first time xD
Then, Cecilia told Jessven that I gave a present for his dad - Raphael xD

To : Eanaa
Thanks for writing about Raphael and I on your blog.
I love it~
I want you all to read it too :)

Here's pictures of Raphael's birthday gift :) 

This is what I gave him.

The other partner of the "Key" keychain that I gave him,
The "Heart" is with me :)

Great song..
2NE1 - Don't Cry

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