Wednesday, July 6, 2011

An official school prefect~

When I arrived school this morning,
I went to class straight away – as always.
Then, the school bell rang 3 times – means it is time for assembly.
There were no prefects outside my class and any other classes =.=”
I asked Felicia, “Where’s the prefects? Junior and senior?”
Man! No one was going to give us orders.
So, I just went to the assembly.
Because my classmates  didn’t even start to walk yet.
They were all busy talking =.="

My class was the last one that arrived at the assembly hall =.=”
And, that’s when I saw the junior prefects lining up outside the school hall – on the right side, wearing their red necktie.
Hehe.. I was like, “I can’t wait to see Raphael on stage!!”
He’s going to be an official school prefect.
When his name was called out to go on stage,
I was smiling from ear to ear >.<
After him was Roystance :D
Wow~ Fidora is the assistant head girl – my classmate :D
I can’t believe it !

And and and,
5th and 6th period was cancelled D:
I wanted 3rd and 4th period to be cancel D:
No luar sidang today :D

I can’t really remember what happened today.
Seriously ! D:
Only the assembly part.
That’s why my post is kinda short?
So sorry =P

Haha.. I made 2 more pictures from photoscape.
Cause I was bored =P

 Raphael :)

And and and, I found this picture in my pendrive xD
Done by : Daim Hdn :)
Can you find my name and Raphael's? Hahaha xD

 Bruno Mars - Grenade

Quote of the day : Live well. Laugh often. Party harder. Love deeper.


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