Thursday, June 30, 2011

Raphael's name =P

Let's begin..
It's a rainy day.
Coldness surrounds me.

Well, this morning,
When I came to school,
I used the same way passed the staff room big door and turned right.
In front of the another staff room door - the small one, where students can't go in through that door,
There, I saw Madam Tan Mee Lan, Raphael and Valdo.
You know the pathway is kinda narrow?
So, I just walked through.
Valdo gave way while his hands was like, "Silakan" and said, "Raphael."
I passed by Raphael's right side and Valdo sang the marriage song - if you know what I mean xD

Oh yea, Miss Esther Tong saw me this morning and said,
"Karen Tan! I saw my name in your blog." - in Chinese.
I just smiled.
To think it back, did I wrote her name on my blog?
I don't remember O.o

We also had class picture day.
Haha.. For sure I hate how I look >.<
After that, I went to the toilet with Elizabeth.
On the way back to class, we passed by in front of 4E1,
And in front of us were Aaron William and Valdo, heading towards us.
Valdo and Aaron said, "Raphael, Raphael, Raphael."
After that, Valdo said,
"Bila mau kahwin? Kalau kahwin, jangan lupa jemput saya o!"
My face turned red that time and was smiling from ear to ear >.<

During English,
We were given SPM questions from the passed years.
5 questions, choose 1.
I chose a very interesting title.
"My Perfect Future Husband."
Haha.. I wrote all about Raphael's personality >.<

When school ended, I saw Raphael.
But, I just walked as fast as I could.
So, I could arrive home early.
On my way, I heard someone called me "Raphael."
I turned around and saw my friend =.="
Then, she asked me,
"Kamu bergerek dengan Raphael ka?"
I answered, "Tak la. Suka jak."
She said, "Jangan tipu ah."

Dang it! Tomorrow I'm gonna give Raphael his birthday gift.

Went to Youtube - 119 likes..woohoo >.<

To my sister, Kanisha..

Quote of the day : Every women deserves a man who looks at her every day like it's the first time he saw her.


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