Monday, June 27, 2011

I was excited =P

I was so excited today =.="
Thought that I was going to get my netbook today.
But, NO!
I can only get in on Saturday with my parents.
I don't know which Saturday to be exact =.="
What the!
Lots of rich people get a netbook as well.
There are "conditions" on getting this netbook.
Such as..
Must be discipline all the time - neck tie higher, name-tag on, etc..
Write a letter saying sorry if there are discipline problems =.="
And, during any program, the netbook is a must bring..
If any one of the "conditions" above not followed,
The netbook will "ditarik balik" =.="
Susah la macam ni~

I saw Raphael 3 times today. I THINK!
First, I saw him before class starts - I saw him looking for someone.
Second, I saw him in front of 4E8 during recess. I THINK!
Third, I passed by him after recess. He was with John Bosco :)

I was supposed to take care of the ICT room today.
But, I just went home.
I need sleep.
After I arrived home, I immediately sleep til 6.

And and and, OMG!
Raphael's birthday is just around the corner.

I checked back the comment on Youtube - Big Bang's Tell Me Goodbye again *LOL*
It has 45 likes now - 3 days xD

Here's something =P

Quote of the day : Simple music can make you sing.


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