Sunday, June 26, 2011


After I went to church,
I have to wash the pictures for Moral's project.
Washing the plate, sweeping the floor, etc..
I moved all the pictures from my camera to my pendrive.
Then, I went to the Kodak Center to wash the pictures.
*LOL* Raphael's picture was in the pendrive too.
After it is done, my mum look through all the pictures and saw 2 picture of Raphael.
She said,
"You really like Raphael?"
I just smiled >.<

Oh and,
I went to Youtube and checked back what I commented on Big Bang's Tell Me Goodbye MV.
I got 17 likes in 2 days - second top comment >.<
And, I have uploaded the Mufti Day video on Youtube too.
The 4E9 silly fight.
Just type : Mufti Day 2011 (SMK ST. COLUMBA)
and give a "LIKE" or COMMENT =P

One more thing, Raphael is online right nowwwwww!!!!
I feel like screaming myself out *LOL*
He commented on my status!
My goodness!
I felt like melting xD
My status was ---> There are a lot of people who call you by your name, but there is only ONE PERSON who can make it sound so damn SPECIAL. He commented..

I found this on Youtube >.<
Nicee~ ♥

Quote of the day : Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tomorrow.


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