Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lots of things happened O.o

Hey hey hey people! xD
Well, today I saw Raphael again.
Lots of times.
He kept passing by my class >.<

During recess,
I went to the counseling room to fill up a form Mr. Yuan was talking about yesterday.
But, Mr. Yuan said that he will call class by class to fill up the form.
So, okiee!
I waited and waited.
For nothing =.="

During recess,
Felicia and I passed by the staff room.
Cikgu Dayang came out and saw both of us.
Then, she scolded us for not informing her that we couldn't take care of the ICT room yesterday =.=''
Malu eh >.<

I looked back at my comment on Youtube again - for fun.
I got 80 likes >.<
My comment became the toppest comment of all.
Bangga eh xD

Cecilia told me something after recess today.
About someone who's name starts with the letter B.
Someone we both dislike =P

And and and,
Daniel Wong (1S2) said that if I wear my spec, I look cute.
If I didn't wear my spec, I look pretty.
Thanks anyway >.<

Cecilia also told me to give Raphael's gift on Friday next week.
Because it is close to Saturday - Raphael's birthday.
So, I told her,
If I try to run away, pull me back xD

 Super Junior - Blue Tomorrow

Quote of the day : Jealousy means that you really love that person.


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