Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My dream =P

Sorry.. I forgot to post about my dream 2 days ago.
My dream was about Raphael.. >.<
In my dream, there was me, Sharon Christabelle and Raphael.
That time, the 3 of us were playing basketball. *=.="*
Raphael dribbled the ball and Sharon chased him.
When Raphael ran to the corner of the basketball court, he has no way to ran. *muahahahaha*
Then, Sharon struggled to ''rampas'' the ball from Raphael.
But, Raphael fight back.
So, Sharon kissed Raphael's cheek 3 times. *T_T*
And finally, Raphael let go of the ball.
Sharon took the ball and passed it to me and I was ready to score in.
Unfortunately, Raphael jumped on my back to make me unstable. *WTF?*
And so, we both fell to the ground. *=.=''*
I landed on my back and next to Raphael. *teehee*
Ahaha.. I landed on his left arm. *>.<*
Then, he took his wallet out and showed me 5 pictures. *I think it was his family picture. Not sure. Because it looked like old pictures, you know, without colours*
After that..

One more thing, 2 days ago, in the morning, Philip Chen messaged me. He wrote, "Morning my lover lol :-*" and he even called me "Dear" >.<
I felt shock. But then, I am used to it already ^^

Wehh! Don't make me fall in love with you..haha. Oh and, drink more water arr.. MUST! =P

Stay healthy and safe. Please come back and visit once in a while - means during school holidays, long holidays. Dude! I miss you and you know that..haha

ZΣΣ's new hairstyle.. >.<

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