Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fine day :)

This morning..
When I was passing the "Bilik Guru",
I saw a woman walking towards me?
She walked up the 2 stairs and went to the counseling room.
Raphael was beside her.
What the!
He was just in front of me with that woman =.="
Oh! So close >.<
I saw him offering help to carry her bag.
But, she refused =P
Man! HE is so TALLLLL ~~

Senior Kelvin came looking for me to give the 3K shirt and asked for the payment :)
His hand reached out to give the shirt to me.
Suddenly, he pulls it back to him and said,
"What did you write on Twitter?"
Then, my eyes went big.
And, I said,
"Sorry." lots of time.
After that, he gave the shirt and I didn't pay.
Not enough change =P
I wrote about 3K on Twitter because I was pissed off =.="
I never knew that he knew O.o
And and and, how did he know??

When school ended,
I went to ICT for the blogging thingy.
Before that, I swept the floor with Mazwan and Affiq.
Then, the teacher asked me to register my blog.
OMG! My blog, majority are about Raphael =.="

Anyway, here's some picture of the 3K shirt :)

  School logo :)

And, I bought this after school >.<
It's still in it's plastic >.<

Quote of the day : Trust your own instinct. Your mistakes might as well be your own, instead of someone else's.


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