Sunday, June 12, 2011

Father's and Mother's Day~

Today, in church, we Christians - Follower of Christ celebrated Father's and Mother's Day.
My church is located near my school.
No, it's not the Anglican Church. It's around in Centre Point.
Search for it.. I DARE YOU! *evil laugh*

Oooh! Father's and Mother's Day was fun. Fun to watch..hehe.
A huge cake was prepared on a big table in front.
Then, parents need to go and stand in front and feed each other.
Aww.. so sweet ♥
Those who's husband or wife didn't attend church due to something important or can't be avoid also need to stand in front and be fed by their child.
My mum was one of them.
So, my brother went in front with my mum and fed her with the creamy cake..haha
P/S : My father is over sea and is a Buddhist =P
I can't go to the front with my mum because I was the photographer..

Haha.. The MC said that this event is to bring back the good old memories in the time of their own marriage.
Most of the "couples" said that, there weren't cake during their wedding. *LOL*

Hmm.. Actually I wanted to post the picture of my brother and my mother.
But since my sister took my camera earlier..=.=" <--- My sister didn't even take a picture of them
I'll just have to wait for my bro, Maxson to post it on Facebook >.<


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