Monday, June 20, 2011

Columban Day~

Hmm.. Today is COLUMBAN DAY!
I love the slide shows xD

Today, Raphael was on stage.
Before the assembly starts, he asked everyone to line up?
Then, everyone boo-ed him.
But, I don't mind :)

During Moral class,
The teacher asked us,
"Siapa ada blog?"
P/S : The teacher wants the people with blog to join the blogging competition.
Then, Darren raised his hand up, pointed at me and said,
"Cikgu, Karen ada blog. Saya selalu baca."
So, the teacher asked me to come for meeting this Thursday =.="
Thanks to Darren D:

I also went to Madam Maria Jau to ask for the camera pass :)
I wanted to take Raphael's picture tomorrow.
Hmm.. Well, actually I want to take A PICTURE WITH HIM :)

This afternoon,
Felicia and I take care of the ICT room.
We talk and gossip about a lot of people.
We went through their Facebook profile and said,"eeeww" to each picture.
We even went through Air Asia, Mas Wing and Malaysia Airline for flight booking to Kuching.
Both of us were the noisiest people there xD
Felicia said Raphael's name so loud in the ICT room too.


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