Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Assembly *yawning*

Today, we had an assembly.
It took an hour plus.
I felt so sleepy man!
I kept yawning =.="
Raphael was the MC for the assembly :)
Madam Robinette told us that one student had been kidnapped and have not yet to be found.
Another case =.="
She said that the student was offered a ride from a stranger and got kidnapped.
Man! What is happening these days? =.="

And, I saw the picture of the drowned boy from my school.
Someone had put all the pictures from the newspaper on the co-curriculum board.
The main title was "Tragedi Ponteng Sekolah"
If I am not mistaken :)

Miss Soo told us that Kenneth was found under a big rock and was naked.
The waves must have washed his clothes away D:
The most worse case ever happened in my school O.o

These are conversations between Cahr and I.
Last night, she asked me on Twitter,
"Who is Raphael?"
So, I told her.
Then, she asked me to post Raphael's picture on her Facebook wall.
So, I did :)
On Twitter,
She wrote..

And, on Facebook..
This is our conversation :)

On Mufti Day~
My property ♥
My current Facebook profile picture >.<

Quote of the day : If your heart still hurts, it means you still care.


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