Friday, June 10, 2011

K-Pop madness

Ehehe.. I watched 2AM on TV last night.
And, it was AWESOME!
I was screaming like crazy!
Dang it! They are so handsome.
But, it only lasted for 30 minutes >.<
Then, I watched K-Pop *my favourite + hobby* =P
After that, I logged in my Facebook account.
I saw notifications from Cecilia and Jessven.
*LOL* Cecilia commented on my link - my blog's link that I posted on Facebook.
She wrote,
" DANGIT. :( "

Next, Jessven! He tagged me in a post =.="
He wrote,
" Karen Tan pls stop the obssession of my dad xD hahahaha and Nice touch with the song for the Blog!@ awesome ♥ "

Wanna see Raphael's picture?
Here you go.. *you better not steal the picture* =P


Raphael Tang Li Ern (4E3)

Taken on Mufti's Day 2009
Credits to : Chan Yik Khan

*Make my day great, fun, incredible, unforgettable, etc..
And, I'll post your name on my blog. NO JOKE! *evil laugh*

*Hmm.. I'm addicted to K-Pop.
I mean who doesn't x)

Quote of the day : If you're hungry, the kitchen is always ready for you.*requires a house..hahaha*


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