Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sshhh.. *thinking*

Last night, I was thinking about Raphael's birthday gift that I am going to give him next month.
I was thinking that Raphael doesn't want any gift and he just wants a simple birthday wish from me.
*thinking too much + negative thinking* =.="
Then, the word "birthday wish" hit me. Wanna know why? I am afraid that Cecilia will do the same to me as what she had done to Raphael. And by that, I mean, she pulled/dragged Raphael just to wish me a happy birthday last time.
Who knows.. I'm her next victim. *OMG!*
So, I checked the calendar.
Guess what!?!! HIS birthday is on Saturday.
Oh yeahh! Say sayonara to your next victim, Cecilia *evil laugh*
3 more weeks to go - HIS birthday *whew*

P/S : My broadband will be cancel this Friday. That means I don't get to online using PC anymore. Luckily, there's the school ICT and my phone *evil laugh*

2AM - I Did Wrong
Watch them tonight at 9.30pm
in channel 705.
They're coming to Malaysia! x)
Quote of the day : People with problems should ask God for help.


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