Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mufti Day :)

OMG! Today is..
You can wear any type of clothes on this day >.<
Mufti Day was introduced by Miss Leonie Armour - a passed principal.
Hehe.. I brought my camera to school too.
To take picture of Raphael.
But, failed.

Actually, this morning..
HE came into my class to make an announcement on the ISCF and YCS thing.
That time, I was holding the camera.
But, because he came in,
So, I kept looking at him.
I totally forgot to take his picture D:
Oh man! I blame him =P

Raphael wore this to school.
*Copy & paste from Cecilia* =P
Raphael & Cecilia :)

I almost forgot.
This morning,
When I entered the school front gate,
Valdo said,
"Raphael Tang ini."
Then, joined by the other prefect boys.
I just went on smiling..hahaha xD
*Welcoming committee* 

This afternoon,
Felicia and I took care of the ICT room again :)
When Felicia came in,
She told me that she saw Raphael downstairs and said,
"Hey, Raphael. Just now Karen said she want to take a picture with you."
Raphael responded,
*smile* ehehehem
Oh-Mah-Goodness >.<

Cecilia commented on my blog link on Facebook.
She wrote,
"yea, ur blog's reli interesting cause its all about *AAAAKKHEM* XD"
Because it's full of you-know-who xD
Thanks AGAIN, Cecilia xP

And, here's a video that I recorded today.
Watch it.
Mufti Day 2011

Oh and, I found my last year's class picture on PC 13.

3T4 (2010)

Quote of the day : When you are in love with that one person, everything about that person seems so PERFECT!


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