Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tragedy D:

Hmm.. Today we were having a short assembly at 9 in the morning.
Because Madam Robinette wanted to tell us that we had lost a columban.
He was Kenneth ak Sirai, Kelvin ak Sirai's little brother.
Kenneth was a Form 3 student in class 3T9.

Kay, here's how the story goes.. -This happened yesterday-
Kenneth and 10 of his friends skipped school and went to Marina Bay's beach.
5 of them went swimming including him.
The tide was 200 meters high.
Then, he was carried away by the strong waves.
And, a friend of his, from 1S5 tried to save him but failed.
His friend is now in the hospital.
Unfortunately, Kenneth's body is not yet to be found.

I saw the news in the internet too.
That was fast O.o

But a friend of my mother told the story a bit differently..
My mother's friend said that 11 of them went for barbeque at Marina Bay and got drunk.
When they realized that Kenneth was drowning, some of them asked help from construction workers?
The construction workers called the Bomba Department and Marine Team for help.

That's all I know :)
But still, I don't know which story tells the truth.
We just need to wait and find out..

Well, Madam Robinette was so mad about the tragic incident that she asked every one of us to update our home address, phone numbers and everything that has to be update to our class teacher.

Kenneth ak Sirai
May God be with you :)

P/S : The school concert tickets will arrive next Monday~

Quote of the day : Never skip school. Something bad might happen!


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  1. You remembered every detail what mdm Robinette told us . Wow !