Sunday, June 19, 2011

Teehee xD

Yesterday, Cecilia told me that she knew about the thing that happened on Wednesday.
*Nehh! During assembly, Raphael sat almost next to me*
She even told me that a lot of prefects knew about it too.
They all saw how I was acting and trying to not look at Raphael >.<
She said that it was so obvious.
Dang it! People knows.
Well, gossips spread fast like lightning ya' know..hahaha

Felicia gave a compliment about my blog.
She said that she likes all the story on my blog and my blog is nice :)
Thanks Felicia ◕‿◕

Oh yea,
Yesterday, I even watch Marry Me, Mary! <--- My favourite ♥
I watched this drama last year in KBS World (391)
Now, it's in 8TV (708)
Unfortunately, it's in Chinese D:
But, I don't care.
I still wanna watch it =P
Too bad that it only has 16 episodes..

My very first idol..
Ken'ichi Matsuyama
5 March 1985
The first time I saw him was in the "Death Note' movie,
channel 708 two years ago.
At first, I saw the commercial about it.
So, I decided to watch it because I thought that it was a scary movie.
Instead, it was about death.
And, I fell in love with his "L" character <-- Picture above

Ken'ichi Matsuyama's very own logo for his "L" character.

The "on the way" new school logo?
SMK Saint Columba

Quote of the day : God is good all the time.


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