Friday, June 3, 2011


Hmm.. Slept at 3.30am =.="  *don't ask me why*
Hehe.. I changed my phone's ringtone 2 days ago because I felt bored listening to my old one. *LOL*

My new ringtone.. xD

My old ringtone.. >.<

O.o CW liked my profile picture's album yesterday. All of the sudden =.="
*it makes me remember about the message that he sent to me last time* :)

Yesterday, Daniel Wong told me who he likes. We exchanged name on the person we like. *LOL*
He only gave me a tiny hint and I guessed correctly =P
And and and, Daniel doesn't believe that I'm in 4E9's class.. He said that I look like a 4E5 student =.="

Haha.. I played Pet Society just now xD It has been a year plus since I played Pet Society. *LOL*
Let me post out 2 of my favorite rooms in Pet Society :)

Bedroom :)

 Royal Garden :)

*Pictures are better than Youtube videos huh? =P
P/S :
1) I'm addicted to "Cinta Melody" xD
2) I'm addicted to Raphael and CW *LOL*
3) And and and, I'm addicted to this song as well.. *it's quite long*

ZE;A - All Day Long

Quote of the day : If plan A doesn't work just remember, there are 25 more letters of the alphabet.


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