Saturday, June 18, 2011


Well, 3K camp started yesterday afternoon.
But, my mum wouldn't let me go.

Hmm.. Today I went to school for ICT club meeting.
All the ICT prefects are compulsory to come.
Only 13 of us came this morning.
The meeting was about the ICT shift.
Now, I have to take care of the ICT room twice a week,
that is on Monday and Tuesday with Felicia :)
It is also about the blogging competition. Top 3 get to bring home a..
1st place : iPad
2nd place : Smartphone
3rd place : Digital camera
But, I chose not to join =P

So, next week..
Each one of us are going to sign up for a blog.
But, I already have one =P 

Then, after the meeting..
The 3K head prefect saw me.
OMG! Scared me much..! =.="
I saw Elizabeth and she was wearing a pink shirt xD
She told me that the camp was boring~
And and and..
If the egg shell or the 10 green beans lost or break,
You need to carry a brick,
And if the brick break,
You need to carry a flower pot,
And if the flower pot break,
You need to carry a rubbish bin.
What kind of camp is this? =.="

I even saw Mazwan, Darrell and Peterson at the school hall. <---(graduated last year)
They were teaching the brass band members :)

 Big Bang - Love Song

P/S : I love BIG BANG! ◕‿◕

Quote of the day : Promises mean everything. But once you break them, sorry means nothing.


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